If you are interested in joining us for a ‘Meeting for Worship’ (this is what Quakers call the weekly ‘service’ they have together), you will be most welcome. We welcome everyone, from all faiths and none.
Our Meeting has a modest number of people who come for worship on Sundays and you might see about 10 of us when you come.

Getting ready
Quakers are trying to live a simple life and therefore do not dress up for ‘Meeting’. There is no need to wear your Sunday best, although you can if you want to. Usually, Quakers wear clothes they wear every day.
We are all encouraged to come to Meeting with ‘hearts and minds’ prepared; make sure you leave plenty of time to travel and find us, so you do not arrive in a rush. Read this page and maybe other ones from the footer on this website (in the About Quakers section).

When you arrive
On arrival, you will be greeted by a ‘welcomer’, a member of our community (a ‘Friend’) who will shake you hand a help find your way around the Meeting House. The welcomer might ask you what you will want to drink after Meeting for Worship.

The Meeting starts
The welcomer will invite you to sit in the Meeting Room where others might already be present. Quakers say that the Meeting for Worship starts when the first Friend to arrive sits in the Meeting Room. Therefore you will notice that before the appointed time of 10:30, some Friends are generally already sitting in silence in the Meeting Room. Please join them.

During the Meeting
The Meetings for Worships are called silent meetings, which means that there won’t be any general or formal talking from anyone, unless some Friends give ‘Ministry’. Friends remain silent, quiet and very often with eyes closed. During silent worship, some Friends will be moved to ‘minister’ by speaking (sometimes singing). What they say does not really come from them, but from whatever moves them — or make them quake. Friends who minister will generally stand up to speak and sit down when they have finished. The other Friends present in the room listen and then reflect afterwards on what has been said.

The Meeting ends
The Meeting for Worship ends when Friends shake hands. The handshaking is initiated by one of the Elders around 11:30, when they feel the Meeting is coming to a close. Simply wait until Friends around you shake hands and join them!

After the Meeting
The Meeting Clerk will then welcome everyone. Friends might be invited to share an ‘Afterword’: thoughts or feelings that came up for them during the Meeting for Worship. Drinks will be served and Friends will start chatting to each other and to you! If you have any questions, this is a great time to ask them.

If you come with children, the Meeting for Worship’s format will change in the style of what we call an ‘All-Age’ Meeting for Worship. There will be activities for the children (and adults) to do, such as crafts in order to make the meeting more enjoyable for everyone. During these All-Age meetings, some moderate noise and talking to children (to make sure they are happy to be there) are absolutely fine. Children will talk and we take it as a matter of course. If you find that your children are too disruptive, please remember that others might enjoy the sound and excitement of children. Some might be moved to minister by what they see and hear. So do not worry and make the most of the experience.

All-Age Meetings
Two or three times a year we will hold a planned All-Age meeting. On these occasions, more people present will be greater because local Quaker families will come with young and older children. Just as explained in the paragraph here will be activities for all to do, such as crafts, as the worship will be like a guided experience.

If you’d like to join us and have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us (use the contact form).

We look forward to seeing you!